Executive Committee of the International Fund
for saving the Aral Sea

Muynak, Sudochye, Ustyurt and the Western Sea

The participants of the expedition along the Amudarya River basin in the first two days visited Muynak, which was previously considered a port city in the South Aral Sea, Lake Sudochie, the Ustyurt Plateau and the Western Sea itself.Within two days, the participants got acquainted in detail with the results of large-scale forest reclamation work to create green spaces in the Aral Sea region as a measure to reduce the ecological crisis and counteract the spread of hazardous substances from the dried day of the Aral Sea.

Employees of the Nukus branch of the Executive Committee of IFAS (Karakalpakstan, Republic of Uzbekistan) provide great assistance in the expedition, who accompany and acquaint the expedition members with the situation, organize interesting meetings with local residents, tell in detail about existing and potential problems and ways to solve them.

Members of the expedition visited the unique and widely known State Museum of Art named after I. V. Savitsky, founded in 1966 in Nukus.It should be noted that the international community’s interest in the Aral Sea region is growing. In recent years, Muynak has been visited by two UN Secretaries-General, and the number of tourists is constantly increasing.

We remind you that the purpose of the expedition is to promote regional cooperation by familiarizing the participants with the objects of water management, forestry and the water-ecological situation in the Aral Sea basin, as well as promoting joint innovative approaches, ideas, coordinated actions to solve the water-ecological issues of the region and mitigate the negative impact of the Aral catastrophe.