Executive Committee of the International Fund
for saving the Aral Sea

4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit towards UN Water 2023 Conference

The 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit started it’s work today, April 23, 2022, in Kumamoto, Japan.

The 2-day program of the Summit provides for the organization and holding of various events, including a meeting of the Heads of State and Government, a plenary session, 9 thematic and 4 integrated sessions, 6 symposiums and many side events.

The 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit aims to contribute to the sustainable management of water resources to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in the Asia-Pacific region, using the region’s diversity and rich history of water management experience as a fundamental part of human existence.

In particular, the Summit strongly advocates efforts to increase investment and capacity building, as well as to enhance cooperation in the water sector at the regional level and beyond.

The delegation of the Executive Committee of IFAS participates in the work of the Summit headed by the Chairman – Sulton Rahimzoda. The Executive Committee of IFAS is a co-organizer of two thematic sessions of the Summit, in particular “Water and the environment from the source to the sea – Multilevel management for a sustainable natural and social environment” and “Water and food – Sustainable management of water resources in agriculture in the Asian region”.