Executive Committee of the International Fund
for saving the Aral Sea

Presentation of the Aral Sea Basin Program (ASBP-4) in Budapest

On 29-30 November 2021 in Budapest, a Workshop was held on the topic: “The Future of the Water Sector of Central Asia- Opportunities and Challenges”.

The workshop was organized by the Center for Central Asia Research of Corvinus University in cooperation with the Blue Peace Central Asia initiative of SDC.One of the focuses of this seminar was the Aral Sea Basin Program (ASBP-4).

The importance of the implementation of ASBP-4, which provides an opportunity for a comprehensive solution to the problems of water resources use, ecological restoration and socio-economic development of the Aral Sea basin, as well as the creation of a comprehensive economic basis for regional cooperation on water resources was mentioned by the Chairman of the Executive Committee of IFAS, Mr. Sulton Rahimzoda.