Executive Committee of the International Fund
for saving the Aral Sea

Meeting of the Chairman of EC IFAS and the EU Special Representative for Central Asia

On November 20, 2020, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of IFAS, Mr. Rahimzoda S. had a video meeting with the Special Representative of the European Union for Central Asia Mr. Peter Burian. During the meeting, the parties discussed the priority areas of bilateral cooperation between EC IFAS and the EU, including the issues of improving the institutional and legal framework of IFAS and noted the importance of involving all countries of the Aral Sea basin in the IFAS reform process.

The parties also expressed their high willingness to strengthen cooperation in the implementation of the Aral Sea Basin Program (ASBP-4), noted the importance of studying the impact of climate change on the glaciers of Central Asia, which are main sources of water resources in the region, and also discussed issues of collaboration between the Executive Committee of IFAS and the EU within the framework of the International Decades of Action “Water for Sustainable Development”, 2018-2028, including the organization of the High-level International Conference on the International Decade for Action “Water for Sustainable Development”, 2018-2028 in Dushanbe in 2022.