Executive Committee of the International Fund
for saving the Aral Sea

Discussion on water resilience and disaster risk reduction in the High-Level Panel Discussion at the virtual Asian Water Hub of the COP26 Water Pavilion

On 10th of November 2021, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of IFAS, Mr. Sulton Rahimzoda, participated in the High-level Panel Discussion at the Asian Virtual Hub of the Water Pavilion COP26, which was organized by the Asian Development Bank.

Within the framework of the Panel Discussion, issues of water resilience and disaster risk reduction at the national and regional levels were discussed.Sulton Rahimzoda noted that water sustainability in Central Asia is at great risk and urgent action is needed.

Efficient use of water resources, increasing the efficiency of water infrastructure, increasing water productivity, introducing water-saving technologies, improving the monitoring system for water resources, improving economic incentive mechanisms in the water sector through revising tariff and tax policies, government subsidies, building reservoirs with seasonal and multi-year regulation can be addressing water sustainability issues at the national and regional levels.

He noted that the above-mentioned measures are provided for in the Aral Sea Basin Program (ASBP-4), the implementation of which is an integral part of the activities of the Executive Committee of IFAS.