Executive Committee of the International Fund
for saving the Aral Sea

Meeting of EC IFAS Chairman and the Executive Director of SIWI on the sidelines of COP26

On 1 of November 2021, a meeting was held between the Chairman of the IFAS Executive Committee, Mr. Rahimzoda S. and the Executive Director of the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), Mr. Torgny Holmgren.

In the meeting possible areas of cooperation between EC IFAS and SIWI were discussed, including on the representation of Central Asia at the next Stockholm Water Week, which will be held at the end of August 2022.

The meeting took place at the COP26 Water Pavilion, which provides a unique platform for promoting the key role of water in addressing climate change adaptation, environmental, social and economic sustainability, and showcasing global initiatives to address water and climate issues.

The partners in organizing the Pavilion are the Governments of the Republic of Tajikistan, Germany, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Scotland, as well as a number of international organizations.